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Eva Skornickova

My job is to get involved any time law intersects with data protection and cyber security. I work as a consultant and assist leading professionals and companies to address issues that standard in-house IT and legal experts cannot cover due to the limits of their professional perspective. I help my clients and their legal and IT experts comply with, among other issues, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that substantially changes the rules of personal data protection from 2018, and introduces massive penalties for breaching them.

I am a member of the Working Group for the personal data protection legislation at the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic. In the past, I worked as a Czech consul in Canada, and later on, I managed the Central-European legal divisions of multinational companies, such as Kimberly-Clark and Mondelēz. As a result, I have the thorough understanding of European Institutions and companies that is needed to prepare them for the sweeping legislative changes prompted by the advance of new technologies.

I will help you  mitigate any legal risks and  costs of cyber security.

IT Security

Services training and price list


The area where law intersects with IT security is obviously vast. Therefore, I cooperate with other experts who assist me in addressing the needs of my clients. I have a very straightforward approach: I will analyse your situation and then propose a suitable strategy and suggest hands-on measures to implement the strategy. I personally see to all the crucial tasks and where necessary, I engage other reliable professionals. Lately, my services have mostly concerned GDPR:

  • Full-day introductory training on preparation for GDPR and personal data protection for members of the top management and/or selected representatives from several interconnected companies. Finally, you will learn why there is so much fuss about GDPR and that this is not a false alarm!
  • A data review to reveal the current state of data protection in your company and the degree of your preparedness for the implementation of GDPR. This exercise consists in auditing the internal rules, processes, documentation and contracts carried out in close cooperation with the top management of your company. Assisted by attorneys, experts in IT security, data architecture, process management and in risk management, I will map the storage and flows of sensitive data within your organisation. As an outcome, you will receive a report listing the critical points and recommendations for any measures to be taken to remove any shortcomings. Duration 1–12 weeks, depending on the organization size.
  • GDPR and DPO preparation in the form of long-term consultancy services can be arranged based on the results of my data review. I can offer to supervise your internal project preparations for GDPR, the appointment of the Data Protection Officer (a mandatory role), the selection of contractors, the review of processes, etc. Time frame: until the introduction of the GDPR in May 2018 and onward.

At your request, I will promptly prepare a price quotation for usual projects in line with the pricelist below.

Basic hourly rate for one-off consultations € 155
Corporate training, projects, data reviews, etc. from € 1,250 per day
Visit to the client in the EU invoiced according to actually incurred costs
The above prices do not include VAT
Negotiable discounts for public organisations, NGOs and cultural institutions

If you would like to ask for consultation, please feel free to send me an eva@skornickova.eu with details.

Note: As part of my long-term consultancy I also provide information service for my clients who find it difficult to stay on top of the dozens of the changes in legal regulations and any legal and cyber security risks. Each month, I consider which news and changes may be of concern to your organization, and I personally chose the most important ones that I then forward to you with recommendations on how to address them. Sometimes, there are no changes in a month at all, other times there are dozens of crucial ones.

About my projects and memberships


For more information, see my LinkedIn profile, the key highlights are as follows:

  • I am a member of the Working Group for the personal data protection legislation at the Office of the Government of the Czech Republic
  • I studied law at University of Ottawa in Canada and the Charles University in Prague
  • I worked as a diplomatic consul at the Czech Embassy in Canada
  • For 15 years I worked as Executive and the Chief Legal Counsel of the Central European legal divisions in the multinational companies Kimberly-Clark and Mondelēz (former Kraft Foods)
  • I run the information website GDPR.cz and the expert Czech GDPR group on LinkedIn

References and what people say about me

I guarantee 100% confidentiality to my clients, and for this reason I may not disclose any names, or even close personal contacts with the European Commission, the European Parliament and other institutions that help me prepare clients for the sweeping changes in the legal regulations. Below you will find at least a selection of references provided with consent from the companies or institutions, or leading professionals that I have cooperated with in the past:


„Eva Skornickova is an exceptional professional with a rare specialty. As one of the very few Czech experts, she understands truly deeply issues of GDPR and structural changes brought by this new European legislation to Czech companies and institutions. I had the pleasure to work with Eva over a longer period of time, and I appreciate that, thanks to her extensive experience in the top managements of legal divisions for multinational corporations, she has a grasp of both the legal and managerial side of GDPR. Thanks to her personal contacts from her previous diplomatic assignments as the Czech consul in Canada she is also able to get to key information much earlier than it hits media as the news of the day. If you are a larger company and GDPR applies to you, do whatever it takes to have Eva at your side. It will save you literally millions.“

Robert Vlach entrepreneur & business consultant, founder of Na volné noze linkedin.com/in/robertvlach / robert@vla.ch


„Eva is an extremely efficient, no-nonsense type of lawyer that will always seek to deliver advice in a user friendly way and with great understanding of the underlying commercial drivers. It is always a pleasure to co-operate with Eva.“

Martin Magal partner at Allen & Overy www.linkedin.com/in/martinmagal


„I know Eva for many years since her time as in-house legal counsel for my clients. She has been very pragmatic, experienced and efficient business lawyer. It has been always nice to deal with her as a person as well.“

Emil Holub Partner at Clifford Chance www.linkedin.com/in/emil-holub-87502617

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